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Register Now to Ensure Your Company Stays Compliant with New Training Requirements

This is a free training solution designed to help businesses in California meet the compliance requirements of S.B. 1343. To get started, please fill out the below details about your business.

Registration Requirements

  • In order to sign up, you must register with your company email address – sorry, no free/personal email accounts may be used to create an admin account.
  • Only one admin account may be registered per company/operation. If your operation is a franchise or independently managed division, please indicate this as part of your company name (i.e. Target - Store 407 or Holiday Inn - Sacramento Downtown).
  • Only one admin account can be created per email address. If you manage multiple operations, you'll either need to use two separate email addresses for each admin account, or manage both operations under a single admin account. 

If you are having difficulty registering your company, please click here for help from our support team.

Once we validate your pre-registration information, you'll receive an email at the address provided to complete the registration process for your company's primary admin account. With your admin account, you'll be able to add employees and other admins, check their progress, and see their results all from your training admin dashboard. 

Free to Start

This training service is completely free for your first five employee sessions, and your first two supervisor sessions. Thereafter, training sessions are $10 and $20 each, respectively.

Ensures Compliance

This training course fulfills the state-mandated S.B. 1343 requirement. You're covered!

Easy Management

Our platform makes it simple for HR professionals to manage the entire training process & ensure employees complete the session.

Your Data is Secure

Rest easy, our training platform is encrypted and secure. Your employee details and business information is kept secure and never shared with third parties.