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If you're a California employer with 5 or more employees, it's a legal requirement that all employees receive this sexual harassment and abusive conduct prevention training.

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Addressing the Issue of Sexual & Workplace Harassment

Fulfill Your Company's Training Requirements & Make Your Workplace Safer

In recent years, no other ethics and compliance issue has seen as much media coverage as sexual harassment. The EEOC says that majority of people who experience sexual harassment in the workplace (up to 94%) do not report it. With movements like #MeToo empowering people to speak out, employers need to do all they can to protect their people and their reputation. 


Creating a workplace culture where employees feel safe and respected means designing and implementing a workplace harassment prevention program that adapts to emerging issues. The political environment, social events and technological developments can all influence workplace harassment.

Training for the Modern Workplace

Trusted & Certified Experts, Deep Expertise

Our training courses were created by experts in the fields of Human Resources in accordance with state laws.

Ensure Compliance & Build Legal Defenses

This course is engineered to meet the requirements of CA S.B. 1343. Clients rely on these courses to help with critical legal defenses under state and federal law.

Topical & Engaging Content

Our experts are constantly updating our courses to ensure we deliver new content that is accurate, timely, and tackles the topics that are relevant today.

Nationally Relevant Information

Today's workplaces diverse with employees in various states. Our training course utilizes relevant scenarios, characters, and scenes that are relatable nationwide.

Best Practices for Workplace Harassment Prevention

Report Intake & Management

Multiple ways for employees to report workplace harassment, and a secure place for reports of discrimination in the workplace to be gathered and managed.


Clear communication on your workplace harassment policy and an easy way to review and update it annually.


Practical training that provides employees with a deeper level of understanding on how to spot age, racial or religious discrimination, workplace bulling, abusive conduct and sexual harassment.


An ongoing awareness effort to reinforce the right tone and keep anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training top of mind.

Management Buy-In

A communication program to middle managers that provides ongoing practical steps they can take to stay connected with their employees, and help prevent harassment before it starts.

Follow Through

A commitment, enforcement and accountability for policy violations as they occur.

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About the Training Course

Our state-mandated S.B. 1343 sexual harassment prevention course takes place online in a webinar setting. These one-hour (for non-managerial employees) and two-hour (for managerial employees) interactive courses cover all the required content with a quiz upon completion of the course content. 

Free to Start & No Credit Card Required*

Our training service is free to start! Registered companies are given their first five 1-hour employee training sessions free AND their first two 2-hour supervisor training sessions free. Thereafter, trainings are offered as follows: 

1-Hour Employee Training

$10 per session

2-Hour Supervisor Training

$20 per session

Training credits may be purchased one at a time as needed, or you may pre-purchase several training credits for later use. Training credits never expire. Once a training credit has been used to assign a training session, it is non-transferable and non-refundable. *Training credits can be purchased with a credit card payment after you've registered. 

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